Softer then gold
The safety held us nestled in its bed

Begged and charmed
The more we wished
The more it came drenched
Plum drawn and worked
Like gray hairs joyfully haunting us

By the rain
In soft spots
Like lizards
We knelt by flowerbeds
Holding our heads
By the flock
By the caged hearts edge
we pledged in its arrest

Chicago at night:

we swam the streets at twelve

rain styled with thundering dogs chanting softly at our eyes

the street signs laying on their sides

in deaf rows

stumping us as we drove

i missed the turn the first time through

and new better as we doubled back happy

circles bid frustration

but the loud applause still soaked my ears from hours before

first time in Chicago made them roar



Walking stick words melted covering us

A living reverence that our lips
Milked and grazed upon


The fire consumed our shortsightedness

nestled in a fortune cookie

your smile

and a million to one shot that i found you

hiding in the back of my dreams

it seems I am crazy after all

but sometimes insanity pays off doesn't it?