Ah yes, a verbal update on the construction of: .


You sometimes wonder how fast it all goes by...well, perhaps you don't, but for me I just don't know how to catch up. Anyways the purpose of this bable is to inform the reader that the sixth month break has an extension. (she smiles sheepishly) In due time I will finish Apt. #5. I have been delayed by the diversion of Apt. #5 on that Avenue West. I guess you could call it a crossroads, a writer might say: a writer's block, or life just doing what life needs to do. I am glad to share that the sunrays will soon surround me and all that was in hiberation is ready. I have not chosen the color change of these typed word, regardless I shall continue. We depart for three weeks (that is my husband and I ). It is a trip long OVERDUE, yet has surrounded us for quite sometime. Trip = honeymoon + life + love. Truly how can you not relate to the gut feeling of what must be. I wish all well.....and my friend, if for some odd reason you get lost. Ask a squirrel for directions - they always know....


bon nuit,